Ideas/Beliefs About Women and How They Should Act in our Society

Ideas/Beliefs About Women and How They Should Act in our Society uses 11 items that assess individual attitudes toward female gender norms. Aspects of female gender norms captured by the scale include performing household chores, marital interactions and expectations, and personal mobility.


Geographies Tested: Sri Lanka

Populations Included: Female, Male

Age Range: Adults



Now I am going read some statements on ideasbeliefs about women and how they should act in our society. Some people agree with these attitudes while others do not. Please indicate to me, to what degree you would agree or disagree with these statements:

  1. Women should not go out of their neighborhoods alone.
  2. It is mainly a woman's duty to cook and look after the household.
  3. Child care is mainly a woman's duty.
  4. A woman who could not give birth to a boy child is less favorable.
  5. Girls should not associate boys other than family members before marriage.
  6. Girls should respect boys of their age, even if boys do not respect them.
  7. Wife should always listen to her husband's advice 'as he is her God.'
  8. It is okay for the wife to talk back at her husband if she thinks he is unfairly scolding her.
  9. A woman should try to secure her marriage at any cost.
  10. A wife should not inform outsiders about the fights that happen between them even if she gets beaten up.
  11. As fights between husband and wife lasts 'only till the rice is cooked', so the wife should keep quiet if her husband scolds or beats her.

Response Options:

Strongly agree = 1

Somewhat agree = 2

Somewhat disagree = 3

Strongly disagree = 4

Don't knowNot sure = 5

Scoring Procedures

Not specified.

Original Citation

Redefining Norms to Empower Women: Experiences and Lessons Learned April 2015 — April 2016. (2016). CARE International Sri lanka. Retrieved March 20, 2017, from

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