Rape Perceptions-South Korea

Rape Perceptions-South Korea is a 3-item, vignette-based measure of respondents' views of rape in three situations: acquaintance, date and marital rape.


Geographies Tested: Korea, South

Populations Included: Male

Age Range: Adults


Acquaintance Rape Vignette
A woman had become acquainted with a man through Internet chatting. One day, they met and consumed alcohol together. When she was drunk, he said, "You will be sober if you nap for about 30 minutes, then I will escort you home." Then, they went together to a motel close to the bar. When they got to the motel, the man grabbed her and attempted to have sex with her. She screamed and struggled, saying, "No." However he used his body weight to prevent her from moving and completed the act of intercourse.

Dating Rape Vignette
A woman and a man who had been dating for 2 years went out on a date. After dinner, they went to her house and had a bottle of beer. They began to fondle each other. When he wanted to have sex, she said, "No" and tried to escape the place. Then, he forced himself on her and completed the act of sexual intercourse.

Marital Rape Vignette
A foreign-born woman who married a Korean man refused to have sex with her husband, saying that she was tired. Then, her husband threatened her with deportation unless she complied with his request. She submitted to it and he completed the act of sexual intercourse.

1. To what degree do you feel the woman would be psychologically damaged as a result of this incident?
2. To what degree was the man's action a violation of the woman's rights regarding sexual self-determination?

Response Options:
5-point Likert scale
A lot - 1
Not at all - 5

Scoring Procedures

Each of the three questions is asked each vignette/situation. The average of each is calculated with higher scores reflecting endorsement of greater rape-supportive attributions.

Original Citation

Lee, J., Lee, C., & Lee, W. (2011). Attitudes toward women, rape myths, and rape perceptions among male police officers in South Korea. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 36(3), 365-376.

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